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Intercom Systems

Intercom Stations

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER826858Aiphone213405Handset And Coil Cord For The Mc-60/4ACall for Price.Details
ER113238Aiphone220750Pc-1213 Led Select NemCall for Price.Details
ER112308AiphoneAI900RSAiphone Aip900Rs Sub StationCall for Price.Details
ER1038092AiphoneAN8050DSWWeatherized Door StationCall for Price.Details
ER112322AiphoneAT-406Intercom, Two Station Sys, Handset Master & SubstaCall for Price.Details
ER113302AiphoneAT406BAAiphone At406 Intercommuni-Call for Price.Details
ER112946AiphoneAX-ASub Station, Indoor, Surface Or Desk Mount, AudioCall for Price.Details
ER112672AiphoneAX-ANSub Station, Indoor, W/ Privacy, Surface Or Desk MCall for Price.Details
ER113307AiphoneAX-BSub Station, Indoor, Semi-Flush Mount, Audio OnlyCall for Price.Details
ER113308AiphoneAX-BXSemi-Flush-Indoor-Sub-W/PrivacyCall for Price.Details
ER112379AiphoneAX-DMDoor Station, Plastic Cover. Door Station, Plastic Cover. Mullion Surface Mount. Audio OnlyCall for Price.Details
ER113309AiphoneAX-DVVideo Door Station, Vandal, Surface Mount Call for Price.Details
ER112674AiphoneAX-DVFAud Vid Flush Mount Door Stat. Audio Video Door Station. Flush MountCall for Price.Details
ER112676AiphoneAX-DVF-PFlush Vandal Video Door W/Hid. Flush Vandal Video Door W/Hid. Flush MountCall for Price.Details
ER112380AiphoneAX-DV-PVideo Door Station, Vandal, Surface Mount, Hid ProCall for Price.Details
ER112687AiphoneC-123LWDual Master Chime Com Set. Boxed Set Includes. Master Station/Door Station. Power Supply Sold Separately. 1 Door 2 RoomsCall for Price.Details
ER112956AiphoneCCS-1AChime Com 2 Set 1 Door 1 Room. Boxed Set Includes. Master Station/Door Station. Power Supply Sold Separately. WhiteCall for Price.Details
ER323037AiphoneCOP-ISSS2G-CCIs-Ss-2G W/ Contact Output Upon Call-InCall for Price.Details
ER112389AiphoneDA-1ASDoor Phone Kit, 2 Wire, (1) Silver Door Station, (Call for Price.Details
ER112691AiphoneDA-2DSEntry Sys, Door Station, 2-Call, Silver Call for Price.Details
ER113440AiphoneDB-1MDMaster Station, Db Series, Hands Free, Call Tone VCall for Price.Details
ER112393AiphoneDB-1SDMaster Sub-Station, Db Series, Hands Free, Call ToCall for Price.Details
ER113441AiphoneDBS-1AIntercom Door System Kit, Db Series, (1) Da-1Ds, (Call for Price.Details
ER113445AiphoneGF-10KPGf Component, 10-Key Keypad Module Panel, Call for Price.Details
ER112702AiphoneGF-1PGf Component, 1-Call Button Panel Call for Price.Details
ER112407AiphoneGF-2PGf Component, 2-Call Button Panel Call for Price.Details
ER112708AiphoneGF-3PGf Component, 3-Call Button Panel Call for Price.Details
ER112410AiphoneGF-4PGf Component, 4-Call Button Panel Call for Price.Details
ER749079AiphoneGFADES**Eol**Aiphone 10Key Audio EntranceCall for Price.Details
ER112414AiphoneGFVPAiphone Panel For Gf-VaCall for Price.Details
ER112715AiphoneGH10K10 Key Module For GhCall for Price.Details
ER985161AiphoneGH1AD*Eol* Audio Only, Open Voice Tenant StaCall for Price.Details
ER113590AiphoneGT-4BBack Box, Gt Series, 4 Module (1Hx4V) Call for Price.Details
ER113024AiphoneIAI-100Acoustic Interface Component, Security Window Set,Call for Price.Details
ER112438AiphoneIE-8HDIe-8Md Accessory, Additional Handset, For Ie-8Md ICall for Price.Details
ER112443AiphoneIEH-1CDAdd'L Handset For Ie-1Gd/2Ad. Additional Handset. For 1E-1Gd And 1E-2Ad. WhiteCall for Price.Details
ER113028AiphoneIE-SS/ASubstation, Stainless Steel, Flush Mount, 2-Gang *Call for Price.Details
ER112448AiphoneIE-SSR2-Gang Sub Station. Flush Mount. With Red Mushroom Button. Stainless SteelCall for Price.Details
ER112451AiphoneIS-DVVideo Door Station, Is Series, Vandal Resistant, CCall for Price.Details
ER113615AiphoneIS-DVFVideo Door Station, Is Series, Vandal Resistant, FCall for Price.Details
ER113041AiphoneIS-DVF-2RAVideo Door Station, Is Series, Standard & EmergencCall for Price.Details
ER986353AiphoneIS-DVF-2RA-FRFlush Video Door Stn. W/ Std. & Emergency Call BuCall for Price.Details
ER113616AiphoneIS-DVF-HIDVideo Door Station, Is Series, Hid Proxy Card ReadCall for Price.Details
ER113042AiphoneIS-RSRoom Station, Is Series, Audio Handset Call for Price.Details
ER112455AiphoneIS-SSAudio Door Station, Is Series, Flush Mount Call for Price.Details
ER360237AiphoneIS-SS-2GSub Station, 2-Gang, Stainless Steel, Flush Mount,Call for Price.Details
ER113350AiphoneIS-SS-2RAAudio Door Station, Is Series, Standard & EmergencCall for Price.Details
ER113351AiphoneIS-SS-2RA-RAudio Substation, Is Series, Standard & EmergencyCall for Price.Details
ER112456AiphoneIS-SS-HIDSub W/Prox, Fl MtCall for Price.Details
ER112457AiphoneIS-SS-HID-DSub W/Hidi, Fl MtCall for Price.Details
ER731383AiphoneIS-SSR-2GDoor Station, Is Series, Indoor/Outdoor, Vandal-ReCall for Price.Details
ER113352AiphoneIS-SS-RAAudio Door Station, Is Series, Emergency Call ButtCall for Price.Details
ER113628AiphoneIS-SS-RA-RAudio Substation, Is Series, Emergency Call ButtonCall for Price.Details
ER755273AiphoneIX-DF-2RANetwork Door Station, Ix Series, Audio/Video, StaiCall for Price.Details
ER722488AiphoneIX-SS-2RANetwork Door Station, Ix Series, Indoor/Outdoor, ACall for Price.Details
ER113052AiphoneJF-2HDHands-Free Sub Master, For Jf-2Med Call for Price.Details
ER112662AiphoneJF-2SDHands-Free Audio Sub Master, For Jf-2Med Call for Price.Details
ER112666AiphoneJF-DVJf Surface Mount, Door Station, Color, Vandal Call for Price.Details
ER113054AiphoneJF-DVFJf Surface Mount, Door Station, Stainless Steel, VCall for Price.Details
ER113367AiphoneJK-1HDColor Video Sub Master Station. Pantilt, Zoom, Hands FreeCall for Price.Details
ER113644AiphoneJKS-1AEDVColor Video Intercom Set. Pantilt, Zoom, Hands Free. 1-Door, 1-Master Station. With Video Memory. Vandal ResistantCall for Price.Details
ER787167AiphoneJP-4HDVideo Intercom Master Substation, Jp Series, IncluCall for Price.Details
ER787542AiphoneJP-DAVideo Door Station, Indoor/Outdoor, Abs Plastic CoCall for Price.Details
ER834457AiphoneJP-DVVideo Door Station, Indoor/Outdoor, Vandal-ResistaCall for Price.Details
ER899125AiphoneJP-DVFVideo Door Station, Indoor/Outdoor, Vandal-ResistaCall for Price.Details
ER113378AiphoneKB-3HRDRoom Sub Station Color Video. Pan Tilt Color Monitor. Max 4 Per System. WhiteCall for Price.Details
ER113066AiphoneKB-3SDAccessory, 3 X 5 Color Tilt Sys, Audio Only SubstaCall for Price.Details
ER113379AiphoneKB-DARColor Tilt Sys, 3 X 5, Door Station *Max 3 Per SysCall for Price.Details
ER112739AiphoneKB-DAR-MDoor Station Color Tilt. Door Station Color Tilt. W/Contacts For Rmte ActivationCall for Price.Details
ER113388AiphoneLE-ARoom Sub Station White Srfc Mt. Surface Mount. Audio Only. Call Only/No Door Release. WhiteCall for Price.Details
ER113878AiphoneLE-ANSub Station W/Privacy Srfc Mt. Surface Mount Audio Only. Privacy Feature Blocks. Unwanted Monitoring. WhiteCall for Price.Details
ER113082AiphoneLE-BIntercom, Two Station Sys, Substation, Semi-FlushCall for Price.Details
ER113389AiphoneLEB22-Call Entrance Station For C-Ml, Lem, LCall for Price.Details
ER113881AiphoneLEB44-Call Enterance Station F/LefCall for Price.Details
ER113882AiphoneLEB66-Call Entrance Station For C-MlCall for Price.Details
ER112750AiphoneLE-BNIntercom, Two Station Sys, Substation With PrivacyCall for Price.Details
ER113390AiphoneLE-DIntercom, Two Station Sys, Door Station, Surface MCall for Price.Details
ER112753AiphoneLE-DADoor Station Flush Mt Sta Stl. Flush Mount. Stainless SteelCall for Price.Details
ER112755AiphoneLE-DLIntercom, Lef Open Voice Sys, Metal Door Station Call for Price.Details
ER112765AiphoneLE-SS/ASubstation, Stainless Steel, Flush Mount, 2-Gang *Call for Price.Details
ER112764AiphoneLE-SS-1GDoor Station Surface. Surface Mount Audio Only. Door StationCall for Price.Details
ER113097AiphoneLEW-10Accessory, Lef Open Voice Sys, Desktop Terminal BoCall for Price.Details
ER113099AiphoneLEW-5Accessory, Lef Open Voice Sys, Desktop Terminal BoCall for Price.Details
ER113408AiphoneLS-NVP/CSub-Station, Call Button, Speaker, Vandal Proof, WCall for Price.Details
ER113409AiphoneMC-60/4AMc-60/4 Market Com Sys, Market Com Phone, 4 Tvl Call for Price.Details
ER787747AiphoneMC-60/4HCReplacement Handset And Coil, For Mc-60/4, 4A Call for Price.Details
ER113410AiphoneMC604BHAiphone Mc604Bh Hand Set OnlyCall for Price.Details
ER113107AiphoneNA-NEFlush Mount Sub StationCall for Price.Details
ER113755AiphoneNBZMNbzm Ceiling MountingCall for Price.Details
ER113916AiphoneND40ASNd-40As 40-Call Add-OnCall for Price.Details
ER112792AiphoneNDR1010-Call Master W/ Selective OutputsCall for Price.Details
ER113756AiphoneNDR2020 Call Master ConsoleCall for Price.Details
ER113757AiphoneNE-DANem Lamp Memory, Surface Mount Door Station, ExtraCall for Price.Details
ER113768AiphoneNE-NVP/CSub Station, Vandal Resistant, Flush Mount, For NeCall for Price.Details
ER113767AiphoneNENVP2DCNe-Nvp-2Dc "Vandal ProCall for Price.Details
ER785836AiphoneNE-NVP-2DC/ADoor Substation, Indoor/Outdoor, Vandal-Proof, 11-Call for Price.Details
ER112806AiphoneNENVPRAAiphone Ne-Nvp-Ra Ne-Nvp WithCall for Price.Details
ER112807AiphoneNE-SS/ASubstation, Stainless Steel, Flush Mount, 2-Gang,Call for Price.Details
ER112809AiphoneNE-SSROption, Substation, 2-Gang, Red Button, Flush MounCall for Price.Details
ER113121AiphoneNH-1SA/ANhx Accessory, Single Call Patient Station Call for Price.Details
ER113123AiphoneNH-1SA-ACBNhx Accessory, Patient Station, W/ Call Button Call for Price.Details
ER113775AiphoneNH-2SA/ANhx Accessory, Dual Call Patient Station Call for Price.Details
ER113125AiphoneNHR-30KNhx-80X Accessory, Add-On Pcb, 30 Call Call for Price.Details
ER113778AiphoneNHR-7ANhx Accessory, Bathroom Pull Cord Call for Price.Details
ER113934AiphoneNHR-SPNhx Accessory, Duty Station Call for Price.Details
ER903227AiphoneNIBAAudio Only Surface Mount Sub StationCall for Price.Details
ER113489AiphoneSBX-DVFBox, Surface Mount, For Jb/Mk-Dvf Call for Price.Details
ER113973AiphoneTDW-6/ATd-6H/B Accessory, Desktop Terminal Box, For Td-6HCall for Price.Details
ER117632Alltel / Windstream SupplyV19916MMetal Bridge Backbox 8 Spkr$30.02Details
ER117754Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDCHHeadend Ki$832.43Details
ER117671Alltel / Windstream SupplyVDM254Dbl Mt Brkt$110.28Details
ER117890Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP-9202Shelf 2Ru For Dual 6A/4A Switching Pwr Supplies$60.79Details
ER116722Alltel / Windstream SupplyVSM40Surface Wall Mntg Housing$38.81Details
ER728466Alpha Communications122DStainless Steel Front Panel For Keypad$678.81Details
ER118119Alpha Communications410/8BKDrive-Thru Horn-10 Watt-8 Ohms$82.00Details
ER117448Alpha Communications4201BVAudio Call Stat-Vr-2Gang Plate$319.05Details
ER117461Alpha CommunicationsA4010TG10 Zone Visual Annunciator--Ul$484.03Details
ER322673Alpha CommunicationsA4015TG15 Zone Visual Annunciator--Ul$571.29Details
ER118049Alpha CommunicationsAA706Pro 700 Clean Room Master Station$1,225.02Details
ER583059Alpha CommunicationsAA903RKRing Master Station-Rack Mount$1,063.52Details
ER583068Alpha CommunicationsAM642/06PS6 Metal Button Panel W/Postal$283.59Details
ER583074Alpha CommunicationsAPG6/2W3 High 2 Wide Surface Back Box White$115.93Details
ER388029Alpha CommunicationsCE-941 PLUSAudio Porter Switchboard Unit$715.57Details
ER583082Alpha CommunicationsCM4910044 Button+Spkr+Dir Module--Alum$282.73Details
ER583083Alpha CommunicationsCM4910088 Button+Spkr+Dir Module--Alum$284.55Details
ER116795Alpha CommunicationsCM49101212 Button + Spkr+Dir Module- Alum$297.11Details
ER583095Alpha CommunicationsES612/022 Plast Button L/S Panel-Alum$73.51Details
ER322655Alpha CommunicationsFS1000B2-Wire Surf Apt. Station-Black$110.28Details
ER359854Alpha CommunicationsFS1000K2-Wire Surf Apt. Station-Crystal$216.33Details
ER118288Alpha CommunicationsFS1000W2-Wire Surf Apt. Station-White$83.41Details
ER118094Alpha CommunicationsFSV10000W2-Wire Surf Apt. Station-White$120.18Details
ER583098Alpha CommunicationsFSV1000W2-Wire Surf Apt. Station-White$120.18Details
ER118105Alpha CommunicationsIR150SSSRemote Station, Stainless Steel Surface Mount$460.85Details
ER117085Alpha CommunicationsIR204E4 Wire Surface Plastic Station$19.68Details
ER117086Alpha CommunicationsIR310ERem.Staff Station-Plas-Nc300$282.79Details
ER583118Alpha CommunicationsM201/CIp Concierge Station$884.95Details
ER896289Alpha CommunicationsM3003.5In. Ip Col Video Monitor-Hndf$636.74Details
ER118513Alpha CommunicationsMT2W2Hx1W Module Panel Frame-Brown$65.75Details
ER118375Alpha CommunicationsMT6/2W3 High 2 Wide Panel Module Frame White$130.07Details
ER359832Alpha CommunicationsRCC2510CS10 Station Call Center-Surface Cabinet$1,393.79Details
ER118547Alpha CommunicationsRCC2510SF10 Stat Flush Master Stainless$1,152.80Details
ER1030413Alpha CommunicationsSC300MHSCounter Mt Intercom+Wrls Hdset$2,269.96Details
ER388073Alpha CommunicationsTE903NP100 Name Tech Entry Master Surface$1,997.26Details
ER118198Alpha CommunicationsTSMWSpeaker Microphone Module 5 Wire White$125.83Details
ER118206Alpha CommunicationsUPG4/24 Module 2 Wide Backbox$28.03Details
ER583198Alpha CommunicationsV1402S021D21 Butt Vip Panel-Surf.-W/Dir.$434.94Details
ER388084Alpha CommunicationsVFS1000S2 Wire Surface Color Monitor-Stainless Steel$644.92Details
ER583200Alpha CommunicationsVH30334W4 Wire Quick Bus Black And White Monitor$340.86Details
ER117510Alpha CommunicationsVH30AKApt B+W Monitor+Hdst-Surf-Whit$485.39Details
ER117513Alpha CommunicationsVHC30332W2 Wire Qwikbus Col Monitor Wht$376.31Details
ER359805Alpha CommunicationsVI402S003D3 Button Vip Panel Surf W/Dir$193.70Details
ER117520Alpha CommunicationsVI402S010D10 Butt Vip Panel Surf With Directory$310.86Details
ER118241Alpha CommunicationsVI402S012D12 Button Vip Panel Surface W/Directory$310.86Details
ER583213Alpha CommunicationsVI404/042D42 Butt Brass Panel+Dir.-Flush$1,328.14Details
ER388092Alpha CommunicationsVIP022D22 Name Directory Unit-St. St.$69.27Details
ER388093Alpha CommunicationsVIP036D36 Name Directory Unit-St. St.$89.07Details
ER1035072Alpha CommunicationsVKGB2/5AS5-Unit Videointercom Kit-Al-Surface$1,581.90Details
ER995398Alpha CommunicationsVKGB2/8AS8-Unit Videointercom Kit-Al-Surface$2,110.89Details
ER1049271Alpha CommunicationsVKGB2/9AS9-Unit Videointercom Kit-Al-Surface$2,304.05Details
ER908242Alpha CommunicationsVM237W7" White Add-On Video Monitor$233.30Details
ER862777Alpha CommunicationsVR237S1-Button Video Door Station-Silver$100.38Details
ER388097Alpha CommunicationsXVH30C2DApt. Col Bus Monitor/Handset$1,210.57Details
ER793457Alpha CommunicationsXVI402/039D39 Button Flush Mount St. Steel Panel$754.96Details
ER733701American CommunicationsDP38BKSDoorbell Fon Slimline Kit (Black)$215.41Details
ER779562American CommunicationsDP38SSDoorbell Fon Slimline Kit (Silver)$215.41Details
ER122703American FibertekRT-89A-LTx Station, Audio & Contact Closure Sys, Interface$755.51Details
ER126792Atlas SoundCE-2AWall Phone, Chrome Hook Switch, 2 Gang $142.42Details
ER126103Atlas SoundCE-2A-ACWall Phone, Chrome Hook Switch, 2 Gang, Armored Ca$236.79Details
ER125575Atlas SoundVPCS-2GPB-2Intercom Station, Cone Loudspeaker, 25V, 2 Gang, C$121.08Details
ER125576Atlas SoundVPVT-4PBIntercom Station, Compression Driver And Call Swit$169.75Details
ER127926Atlas SoundWPVT-1SNIntercom Stations With Compression Driver & Call S$127.19Details
ER126867Atlas SoundWPVT-4SNIntercom Station With Compression Driver & Call Sw$140.93Details
ER126868Atlas SoundWPVT-6SNIntercom Station With Compression Driver & Call Sw$134.81Details
ER733675Audio-TechnicaAT8202Adjustable Inline Attenuator$69.84Details
ER897908Bogen Communications586T725PG8WSpeaker W/Transformer On Off White Grill$22.71Details
ER788507Bogen CommunicationsP135AHigh Powered Intercom$1,635.62Details
ER592998Bogen CommunicationsPCMSYS3Paging System, Pcm2000, Pre-Assembled, 3-Zone, Cal$475.71Details
ER593012Bogen CommunicationsPPMITSIp Touch Screen Paging Station$2,384.85Details
ER593080Bogen CommunicationsS86T725PG8WBRVRSpeaker, 8", S86T725Br On Pg8W Grille W/ Recessed$39.31Details
ER593132Bogen CommunicationsTL156Intercom Accessory, Insertion Tool $27.41Details
ER593160Bogen CommunicationsVAR1Relay, Voice Activated *Requires Prs40C Power Supp$122.69Details
ER938891Bosch SecurityLBB1941/00Plena Call Station$260.16Details
ER1082305Bosch SecurityLBB1965Plena Message Manager$1,079.27Details
ER1013681Bosch Security (CCTV)ICW6Window Mountable Full Duplex Security In$680.11Details
ER1050734Bosch Security (CCTV)LBC14101036W Volume Control (Mk$56.47Details
ER1001704Bosch Security (CCTV)LBC141020Volume Control 36 W, Mk Installation Typ$40.22Details
ER594384Bosch Security (CCTV)PLE2CS2-Zone, Call Station$209.82Details
ER974573Bosch Security (CCTV)TR80NR4A1Tr-80N Belt Pack Rts, A4F Headset Jack,$1,721.77Details
ER1024624Bosch Security (CCTV)TRH2Trh-2, Heavy Duty Leather Swivel Holster$155.14Details
ER597685CBC America / ComputarZNS-DETECT-1Analytic License, Class & Speed & Direction & Dwel$108.06Details
ER598089Chamberlain Professional / SentexNLS18331LMSingle Wireless Portable Intercom$71.27Details
ER598200Chamberlain Professional / SentexSNIMF500ASSurface Mount Camara Ready Telephoe Entr$2,360.70Details
ER598379Channel VisionA0914Crescendo Room Kit - 4X4 Matrix Distribu$1,099.52Details
ER144783Channel VisionAB904A4 Source 4 Rm Cats Audio Kt Almd$828.32Details
ER145218Channel VisionDP0252POil Rubbed Bronze Brass Plate$240.79Details
ER145222Channel VisionDP-6222Polish Brass Dr Plt W/Col Cam$336.77Details
ER147113Channel VisionDP6232P8Antqu Brass Dp Color Cam For The Pan 8 Series$441.76Details
ER144850Channel VisionDP6252Oil Rubbed Bronze Plate With Color Camera$324.04Details
ER822471Channel VisionDP6252ACam Door Stn/Te-Amp-Or Bronze$355.25Details
ER145224Channel VisionDP-6252POil Rubbed Bronze Door Plate With Color Camera$348.87Details