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Intercom Systems

Video Intercom Stations

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER8860072N Telekomunikace9151101CHRPW2N® Helios Ip Force - 1 Button, Hd Camer$1,350.22Details
ER8332642N Telekomunikace9151101CRPWHelios Ip Force 1 Button,Camera,Pictogra$1,277.56Details
ER10395922N Telekomunikace9154100CVideo Kit 2N$680.41Details
ER113010Aiphone213270Telephone Handset CompleteCall for Price.Details
ER111970Aiphone217070Aiphone Switch For Vcm SystemCall for Price.Details
ER113247Aiphone240910Pcas Ax-8Mv Case WhiteCall for Price.Details
ER1048320Aiphone39800Modify An-8050Ds To An-8050DsCall for Price.Details
ER112309AiphoneAICP170Speaker/Call Button Interface BoardCall for Price.Details
ER112310AiphoneAINVPRAAda Sub Station For Ai-900 SeriesCall for Price.Details
ER112938AiphoneAP40AS40-Call Add-On Selector For Ap-10MsCall for Price.Details
ER112320AiphoneAP-5M5 Call MasterCall for Price.Details
ER112321AiphoneAT-306Intercom, Two Station Sys, Handset Substation ForCall for Price.Details
ER112323AiphoneAT-406BIntercom, Two Station Sys, Handset Master & SubstaCall for Price.Details
ER112942AiphoneAX-084CAiphone Central Exchange Unit. Aiphone Central Exchange Unit. For 8 Doors And 4 Masters. Programable Dry Contacts Avail. Contact Rating Is 24Vdc,0.5ACall for Price.Details
ER112944AiphoneAX-248CCentral Exchange Unit, 24 Door, 8 Master Call for Price.Details
ER113306AiphoneAX-8MV-WAudio/Video Master Door Station, White Call for Price.Details
ER894727AiphoneGHADESA***Eol**Call for Price.Details
ER113313AiphoneGHIKD3.5" Clr Video HdsfreeCall for Price.Details
ER387510AiphoneGTA-DESEntrance Panel Kit, Gt Series, 10-Key Audio, 1X3 SCall for Price.Details
ER113594AiphoneGT-BCControl Unit, Gt Series, Audio Bus Call for Price.Details
ER113019AiphoneGT-BCXControl Unit, Gt Series, Expanded Audio Bus Call for Price.Details
ER113595AiphoneGT-MKConcierge / Guard Station, Gt Series Call for Price.Details
ER113330AiphoneGT-VBCVideo Control Unit, Gt Series Call for Price.Details
ER113597AiphoneGT-VBXVideo Control Unit, Expanded, Gt Series Call for Price.Details
ER113610AiphoneIM-1Cashier Window System Set, Includes Imu-100, Iai-1Call for Price.Details
ER113039AiphoneIMU-100Im Component, Security Window Set, Includes Mu-100Call for Price.Details
ER113614AiphoneIS-CCUCentral Control Unit, Is Series, 4 Masters, 4 VideCall for Price.Details
ER113618AiphoneIS-IFBRetrofit Interface Box, For Emergency Call StationCall for Price.Details
ER113619AiphoneIS-IPDVIs Ip Vandal Res Door Stn. Color Video Door Station. Surface MountCall for Price.Details
ER857097AiphoneIS-IPDVF-RP10Ip Video Door Station, Is Series, Vandal ResistantCall for Price.Details
ER113348AiphoneIS-MVVideo Master Station, Is Series, Mullion Mount, IsCall for Price.Details
ER113621AiphoneIS-RCUControl Unit, Is Series, Room Station, Up To 30 AuCall for Price.Details
ER113622AiphoneIS-SCUCentral Control Unit, Is Series, Add-On, 8 MastersCall for Price.Details
ER112469AiphoneJF-2MEDHands-Free Master Station, Colo R Video, Jf 2X3 Call for Price.Details
ER113055AiphoneJFS-2AED2"X3" Color Video Standard Set. Include:Jf-2Med,Jf-Da,Ps-1820U. 2 X 3 Monitor Hands FreeCall for Price.Details
ER113056AiphoneJFS-2AEDFBoxed Video Entry Set Color. Incl Jf-2Med/Jf-Dvf/Ps-1820Ul. Hands Free 2X3 Color Video. Vandal Resistant Flush Door StCall for Price.Details
ER112728AiphoneJFS-2AEDVMaster & Door Stations,Pow Sup. Include:Jf-2Med,Jf-Dv,Ps-1820U. Set Consisting Of Master &. Door Stations, Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER113373AiphoneJKS-1AEDColor Video Intercom Set. Pantilt, Zoom, Hands Free. 1-Door, 1-Master Station. With Video MemoryCall for Price.Details
ER113374AiphoneJKS1AEDVDEMOKITJks-1Aedv Demo Kit... Ref Stock#199861Call for Price.Details
ER113645AiphoneJKS-IPEDIp Video Entry Intercom Kit,Includes Jkw-Ip, Jk-1MCall for Price.Details
ER113063AiphoneJKS-IPEFIp Video Intercom Set, 1-Door, 1-Master, Up To (10Call for Price.Details
ER113375AiphoneJKS-IPEVIp Video Intercom Set, 1-Door, 1-Master, Up To (10Call for Price.Details
ER918428AiphoneJP-4MEDVideo Intercom Master Station, Jp Series, IncludesCall for Price.Details
ER821096AiphoneJPS-4AEDVideo Intercom Box Set, Includes (1) Jp-4Med VideoCall for Price.Details
ER874859AiphoneJPS-4AEDFVideo Intercom Box Set, Includes (1) Jp-4Med VideoCall for Price.Details
ER740989AiphoneJPS-4AEDVVideo Intercom Box Set, Includes (1) Jp-4Med VideoCall for Price.Details
ER113065AiphoneKB-3MRDRoom Master Station Color Vid. Pan Tilt Color Monitor. 1 Per System. WhiteCall for Price.Details
ER113383AiphoneKCS1ARD*Eol* Kcs1Ard 1 X 1 ClearCall for Price.Details
ER112761AiphoneLEM-1Master 1 Call Wall/Desk Mt. Wall/Desk Mount. WhiteCall for Price.Details
ER112762AiphoneLEM-1DLIntercom, Two Station Sys, Single Call Master, W/Call for Price.Details
ER113095AiphoneLEM-1DLCIntercom, Two Station Sys, Single Call Master, DooCall for Price.Details
ER113403AiphoneLEM-1DLSBoxed Access Sentry Set. Incl Lem-1Dl / Le-D. And Pt-1210NCall for Price.Details
ER112763AiphoneLEM-3Master 3 Call Wall/Desk Mt. Master Station 3-Call. Wall/Desk Mount. WhiteCall for Price.Details
ER954861AiphoneMKS2MCD*Eol* Mk Video Sentry Pan/Call for Price.Details
ER112783AiphoneMYS1DACAiphone Mys1Dac Video EntryCall for Price.Details
ER113918AiphoneNDR4040 Call Master ConsoleCall for Price.Details
ER112799AiphoneNEM-10C10 Call Master StationCall for Price.Details
ER113813AiphoneTD-12H/BIntercom, Td-H / Td-Z Handset, 12 Call *Special OrCall for Price.Details
ER113132AiphoneTD-3H/BIntercom, Td-H / Td-Z Handset, 3 Call Call for Price.Details
ER113836AiphoneYAZ90/3WWall/Mount Handset MasterCall for Price.Details
ER117320Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5323008Pagepac 8 Pg Adp$817.99Details
ER116528Alltel / Windstream SupplyV5324-001Door Phn Contrl & Unit$718.20Details
ER1027974Alltel / Windstream SupplyV-TR-24Multipath Talkback Intercom, 24 To 192 Zones$6,311.32Details
ER117893Alltel / Windstream SupplyV-TR48Multipath Talkback Intercom System 48 Zones$7,998.20Details
ER118008Alltel / Windstream SupplyVTR72Multipath Talkback Intercom Sys. 72-192 Zones Rack$9,715.88Details
ER117894Alltel / Windstream SupplyV-TW48Multi-Path Intercom System 48 Zone$7,672.90Details
ER359887Alpha Communications142H100 Station Switchboard Master W/Sys Wiring$3,901.13Details
ER359886Alpha Communications2001Apt. Station---Flush---Plastic$35.13Details
ER322691Alpha Communications3403RH63 Wire Aprtmnt Stn & Adptr Plt$63.62Details
ER116745Alpha Communications34066Wire Rplcmnt Apartmnt Station$44.67Details
ER359879Alpha Communications6TORX#6 Torx Screwdriver Tip$5.36Details
ER116761Alpha CommunicationsAA711Ring Master Station-Desk-Lt Gr$568.57Details
ER118127Alpha CommunicationsAA917Clean Room Ring Master Station$616.29Details
ER583060Alpha CommunicationsAA918Desk Master Station-Titan/Blck$595.84Details
ER118051Alpha CommunicationsAF10006/5/4/3 Wire Apt Unv Amplifier$268.65Details
ER322671Alpha CommunicationsALIRDSAl,Ir Dome Sens For Al2430 W/10M Term Cbl$59.37Details
ER117779Alpha CommunicationsAM512022 Plastic Button Panel$60.10Details
ER583079Alpha CommunicationsCB901EX/048Central Exchange Unit--48 Cap$21,564.72Details
ER118217Alpha CommunicationsCCDCAMCIColor Camera Built In To Panel$561.75Details
ER117800Alpha CommunicationsCL207K10-Bracket Kit For 5-Ir15Xb'S$91.90Details
ER118229Alpha CommunicationsDPH100WDummy Telephone+Red Indic. Bar$40.99Details
ER118230Alpha CommunicationsDPK2W-1C1Handset Dr Phone Intercom Kit$173.91Details
ER117806Alpha CommunicationsDPK2W-2C2Handset Dr Phone Intercom Kit$209.26Details
ER116803Alpha CommunicationsE114Emerg. Station-2 Pole--No Lite Requires$31.49Details
ER322657Alpha CommunicationsE32Station 2-Wire Extender$93.31Details
ER118096Alpha CommunicationsHT20012WH3 Wire Wall Handset-Buzz-White$43.92Details
ER583101Alpha CommunicationsHT200610WAlpha 10Call Wl Hndset Buz Wh$70.69Details
ER118291Alpha CommunicationsHT20065WHAlpha 5Call Wl Hndset Buz Wh$65.75Details
ER117068Alpha CommunicationsHT30032W5 Wire Wall Handset-Buzz-White$43.92Details
ER118300Alpha CommunicationsIR019BAlpha Rmt Indic Statn-W/But+Lt$80.58Details
ER118301Alpha CommunicationsIR100BAlpha Indr Rmte-2 Wire No Butt$22.71Details
ER118303Alpha CommunicationsIR207BA-C 4 Wire-2 Gang Apt Station-Stst$44.67Details
ER118309Alpha CommunicationsIS407C4 Wire Apt Stat-Met But-St.Steel$22.71Details
ER118310Alpha CommunicationsIS407S4 Wire Apt Stat-Metl But-Surf.$34.42Details
ER583113Alpha CommunicationsIS482CAlpha 4 Wire Apt Sat/Long-St$34.42Details
ER749070Alpha CommunicationsKISW-I-18SS18" Touchscreen Kiosk--Int.-Ss$7,183.71Details
ER322646Alpha CommunicationsLS10032Labor Charge(S) To Install E32$111.69Details
ER359850Alpha CommunicationsLS100-TT33Labor Charge/S To Install Tt33$164.01Details
ER894703Alpha CommunicationsMVC-CCDCColor Coax Camera Module-St St$604.02Details
ER735600Alpha CommunicationsMVC-CCDC3Color Camera Module--St. Steel$672.24Details
ER118444Alpha CommunicationsOR502SSAlpha 1 Buttn Vip Remote-St St$54.17Details
ER118446Alpha CommunicationsPGRAL9244 Line 924 Alpha Numeric Pager$254.51Details
ER118534Alpha CommunicationsPK124KBattery Back Up Kit W/Housing$730.01Details
ER117134Alpha CommunicationsPM261A32 Station Selector F/Nc205$1,210.57Details
ER723868Alpha CommunicationsRCC2528CFM28 Stat Call Center-Flush Cabn$7,095.00Details
ER884157Alpha CommunicationsRCC2528CFSM28 Stat Sub Master--Flush Cabn$1,147.55Details
ER818043Alpha CommunicationsRDM257676 Stat Distribution Module$10,009.15Details
ER322630Alpha CommunicationsRM5000EX/32Central Exchange Unit--32 Cap$8,832.40Details
ER322631Alpha CommunicationsRM5000EX08Centercntrl Exc Unit 8 Capacity$4,227.67Details
ER118561Alpha CommunicationsSF101CA-C Nc110N Room Call Station Plas.$89.07Details
ER118479Alpha CommunicationsSF340BAlpha Emerg Pull/Push Stat Pla$67.17Details
ER117475Alpha CommunicationsSF381Emergency Pull/Push St Addres$98.97Details
ER583174Alpha CommunicationsSM222K2 Station Duo-Com Intercom Kit$101.79Details
ER388066Alpha CommunicationsTA105IAlpha Pnl Hdset Mod Instld L/S$389.95Details
ER117495Alpha CommunicationsTA150NAlpha Nc150N Ser Hdset Mod Alm$490.85Details
ER118498Alpha CommunicationsTA200NNc2000N Ser Side Handset+Cradle Use With$415.85Details
ER118499Alpha CommunicationsTA205CAlpha Apt Hndst 5Wire Walltone$69.99Details
ER117498Alpha CommunicationsTETTAlpha Str 5 Wire Pnl Spkr/Micr$54.92Details
ER583190Alpha CommunicationsTETTIStr 5W Pnl Spk/Mic Instl$142.80Details
ER786632Alpha CommunicationsTHERA GB27" Touchscreen Gb2 Monitor-H/F$395.40Details
ER714523Alpha CommunicationsTPL1B9' Tower-120V/Landln-Stro+Beac$5,363.75Details
ER117517Alpha CommunicationsVI402FB018Vi402Fb018 Flsh Bck Bx -18Bttn$50.53Details
ER583208Alpha CommunicationsVI402S0011 Buttn Vip Remote Spkr.-Surf.$156.94Details
ER118816Alpha CommunicationsVI402S018D18 Butt Vip Panel-Surf.-W/Dir.$357.22Details
ER769791Alpha CommunicationsVI402S066D66 Butt Vip Panel-Surf.-W/Dir.$1,018.87Details
ER798621Alpha CommunicationsVI402S210D210 Butt Vip Panel-Surf.-W/Dir$2,824.20Details
ER761405Alpha CommunicationsVI402S213D213 Button Vip Panel-Surf.-W/Directory$2,862.07Details
ER117525Alpha CommunicationsVI402SB048Vi402Sb048 Surf.Back Box Vi402/048D$248.85Details
ER118820Alpha CommunicationsVI402SPMICAdd'L Cost For Spk+Mic Grilles$49.78Details
ER583218Alpha CommunicationsVK237WS7" Mon Color Videointercom Kit$304.05Details
ER741181Alpha CommunicationsVKGB2/2AS2-Unit Videointercom Kit-Al-Surface$982.11Details
ER767702Alpha CommunicationsVKGB2/3AS3-Unit Videointercom Kit-Al-Surf$1,268.34Details
ER928108Alpha CommunicationsXVI402006DXvi402006D 8 Bttn Vip Pnl Flsh$178.15Details
ER583228Alpha CommunicationsXVI402015D M57248M57248 Quote 15 Button Vip$650.38Details
ER967327Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293638835Ip65 Bioscrypt &Amp; Morpho Compatible, 100K$1,594.59Details
ER946750Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293645463Bioscrypt &Amp; Morpho Compatible, 100K User$1,303.11Details
ER1026693Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293645533Same As Sigma Bio &Amp; Includes Nfc, Mifare$1,376.36Details
ER592277Bioscrypt / L-1 Identity293645554Same As Sigma Bio &Amp; Includes Prox Card R$1,376.36Details
ER592731Bogen CommunicationsBCAL1BD16R0Analog 16" Bdm Battery Wirless$543.52Details
ER592733Bogen CommunicationsBCAL1BS16R0Analog 16" Bdm Battery Wirless$238.19Details
ER592755Bogen CommunicationsBCHMMicrophone, Headset, For Use W/ Body-Pack Transmit$29.35Details
ER592778Bogen CommunicationsBCMC20000S12000 Series Master Clock Surf 110V$1,186.65Details
ER592814Bogen CommunicationsCM211MIntercom Stst 11 Butt Master$217.23Details
ER593023Bogen CommunicationsR8GTVertical Driver, Granite Finish$499.79Details
ER593030Bogen CommunicationsRK78Rack Mounting Kit, 3 1/2: High Rack Panel Kit For$64.87Details
ER593044Bogen CommunicationsRPK90Rack Mount Kit, Double, For Udr16 Wireless Receive$26.98Details
ER593071Bogen CommunicationsS86T725PG8ULoudspeaker Assembly W/ Transformer / Grille, 8 In$22.10Details
ER598110Chamberlain Professional / SentexQ104Standard Arm Assembly F/Csw Series Opera$95.49Details
ER144788Channel VisionC0020C.Vision C0020 Network Tone$229.03Details
ER145225Channel VisionDP6262PFrnt Dr Intrcm Stat W/ Col Cam$348.87Details
ER144851Channel VisionDP6282C.Vision 6282P Series Col Cam$324.04Details
ER145228Channel VisionDP6302CC5 Door Station Color Cam-Satin Nickel$324.04Details
ER145120Channel VisionIU-0232PPanasonic Intercom Anq. Brass$171.08Details
ER144386Channel VisionIU0252Intercom Unit Oil Bronze Rubbed$129.66Details
ER876187Channel VisionIU6212CWhite Intercom Brass With Color Camera$257.33Details
ER147158Channel VisionIU6222PPanasonic Intercom Brs Col Cam$282.23Details
ER145752Channel VisionIU-6232Antq Brass Intercom W/ Col Cam$257.33Details
ER145753Channel VisionIU6232CAntiq Brass 1/4 Sld Brass Intcm$248.06Details
ER145755Channel VisionIU-6242Intercom W/Color Camera Waterproof & Doorbell Bttn$257.33Details
ER353713Channel VisionIU6242CChrome Finish ¼” Solid Brass Intercom Un$242.95Details
ER149047Cooper / WheelockCH-BT1Ch-Bt1 Telchime 90V 20Hz$106.04Details
ER1064325Cooper / WheelockSTH4RSTWCALCluster Speaker System With 4 Horns$902.87Details
ER156671Cooper / WheelockWHSTH4RCluster Speaker$719.67Details
ER782786Cyrex Networks / Comelit1456B/100Gateway Master (Mug) Up To 100 Users$2,023.17Details
ER849453Cyrex Networks / Comelit1456B/150Gateway Master (Mug) Up To 150$17,774.47Details
ER738952Cyrex Networks / Comelit1456B/200Gateway Master (Mug) Up To 200 Users$22,069.92Details
ER156604Cyrex Networks / Comelit1602VCSpeaker Unit & Module For Remote Camera Simpleplus$627.85Details
ER157180Cyrex Networks / Comelit2610Elegance Sytle Veriosn Handset For Bravokits$103.66Details
ER157264Cyrex Networks / Comelit4660Audio/Video Unit W/ B/W Camera$435.76Details
ER757855Cyrex Networks / Comelit4895HIMAdditional External Unit For Vip Kit - I$420.14Details
ER156965Cyrex Networks / Comelit5801Genius Version B/W Monitor$224.81Details
ER156966Cyrex Networks / Comelit5900BMaestro Color Monitor W/5/6"Lcd Black$596.61Details
ER149805Cyrex Networks / Comelit5900GMaestro Color Monitor,5.6",Gray$596.61Details
ER156967Cyrex Networks / Comelit5940I-Power Bracket Complet With Power Suppl$894.88Details
ER156972Cyrex Networks / Comelit6101WPlanux Hands Free Full Duplex Monitor,Whte F-Plate$246.19Details
ER157282Cyrex Networks / Comelit6101WMPlanux Touch Scrn Mntr W/Memry-Wht Brkt 6214C Req$454.50Details
ER149816Cyrex Networks / Comelit6228BEasycom Audio Only Handsfree Sation For$64.79Details
ER182236Cyrex Networks / Comelit6228WEasycom Audio Only Handsfree Sation For$64.79Details
ER157286Cyrex Networks / Comelit6228WBMEasycom Absol Whte Handsfree Stat W/Mag Induc Ver$107.45Details
ER608533Cyrex Networks / Comelit6302/BMSmart Series Hands-Free Colour Monitor For Sb$497.66Details
ER608534Cyrex Networks / Comelit6302SSmart - Simple Version - Surface$257.33Details
ER711760Cyrex Networks / Comelit6304HVip Series, Hands-Free Color Monitor, Smart System$396.71Details
ER414416Cyrex Networks / Comelit6402BMagis Basic Handset Version Monitor In Color$352.98Details
ER608537Cyrex Networks / Comelit6402EMagis Elegant Handset Version Monitor In Color$390.45Details
ER156983Cyrex Networks / Comelit8492-BUDivakit 2 Fmly Smplbs 2 Wr Black$1,138.36Details
ER182243Cyrex Networks / Comelit8493BUOne,Vid Kit Black Colour Maestro$1,313.10Details
ER182247Cyrex Networks / Comelit8496BUPlanux 2 Family Kit 2 Black Planux Monitors$1,134.01Details
ER157296Cyrex Networks / Comelit8591BUOne User Video Kit With Black Colour Maestro.$1,735.37Details
ER149824Cyrex Networks / Comelit8591GUOne,Vid Kit Gry Col Maestro Sys$1,735.37Details
ER157297Cyrex Networks / Comelit8592BU2 Vid Kit Blk Col Maestro Ip Pow Sy$4,690.21Details
ER149825Cyrex Networks / Comelit8592GU2 Vid Kit Grey Col Maestro Ip$4,690.21Details
ER894327Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX7000HMini Handsfree Color Monitor, Sbtop$194.35Details
ER149839Cyrex Networks / ComelitHFX-700MClr Hnds Free Vid/Intercm Kit W/3.5" Lcd Mnonitor$304.55Details
ER860859Cyrex Networks / ComelitIA8SEz-Pack Audio Entry Panel Kit (Surface) 10 Button$660.43Details
ER716632Cyrex Networks / ComelitIV8FEz-Pack Video Entry Panel Kit (Flush) 8 Button$843.73Details
ER157329Cyrex Networks / ComelitVV4FVandalcom Video Flush Mount 4 Push$1,003.17Details
ER164504Doorbell Fon / ACNCDP28NM22 Btn Panel W/O Contr Brass$319.05Details
ER875609Doorbell Fon / ACNCDP28NM44 Unit Apartment Door Panel-Brass$406.31Details
ER183623Doorbell Fon / ACNCDP38BZNKit Bronze Nutone Size Door Station$275.72Details
ER158894Doorbell Fon / ACNCDP38C3Rd Gen Contrl For Upto 4Doors$272.89Details